Membership of the EAA

Candidates go through a two-stage procedure in order to achieve "Academician" status. As a first step, a candidate is awarded "Affiliated membership". After two years, this is followed by an evaluation of the member's CV with a special focus on scientific work, publications, impact factor, citation index and academic position. If successful, the candidate attains "Academician" status.

Regular membership (Academicians)

Regular membership as an Academician is open to all scientists and clinicians with an international reputation in andrology. An application for membership must be supported by two academicians.

Affiliated membership

Affiliated membership is open to scientists and clinicians with a clear interest in andrology. The application must be supported by two academicians and should be accompanied by a curriculum vitae and a statement on the interest in andrology. Affiliated members may become regular members upon application if the criteria for regular membership are met.

Associate membership

Associate membership is open to individuals working as technical assistants or nurses to andrologists. Their application must be accompanied by a curriculum vitae emphasising the applicant's activities related to andrology. The application must be supported by two regular members

Supporting membership

Supporting membership may be conferred on individuals, companies, corporations or foundations wishing to support the activities of EAA financially and in other ways.

Honorary membership

The EAA may also from time to time confer the title of Honorary Academician for distinguished services in andrology. The General Assembly will decide about proposals for honorary membership