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The European Academy of Andrology is an association of scientists and clinicians active or interested in the field of andrology. Founded in May 1992, the EAA is a non-profit making organization which aims to promote research into and raise public awareness of male reproductive health. The EAA has a worldwide scope in terms of membership, research and influence but retains a clear focus upon Europe - with it's seat based in Münster, Germany and andrology training centres across Europe.


Andrology: The branch of medicine concerned with men's health, particularly male infertility and sexual dysfunction . Andrology is literally the study of man (Greek andros, man). It is the male counterpart of gynecology

Raising scientific standards of andrology in Europe
Providing specialist training for physicians in andrology
Increasing public awareness of andrological issues
Encouraging research & publishing academic papers

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EAA President's Newsletter
Keeping you updated on the latest activities and progress in the EAA

Official Journal : Andrology

This joint publication of The European Academy of Andrology and the American Society of Andrology replaced The International Journal of Andrology and the Journal of Andrology. in 2013.