EAA Budapest School

Date : March 3-7th 2020

Location : Budapest, Hungary

Venue : (

The EAA Budapest School 2020 will be divided into two modules. The first module is Basic Clinical Andrology. This course is highly recommended to all clinicians who would like to take the EAA Clinical Andrologist exam. In addition, it will provide an update on basic clinical andrology to all clinicians interested in this field.

The second module is the "School on Androgens Therapy" which is open to a broader audience including andrologists, endocrinologists and urologists. It provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of androgens therapy from puberty to aging male. Interdisciplinary round tables will provide an opportunity to exchange views concerning some of the controversial topics related to testosterone therapy.

Organisers :

  • Prof. Csilla Krausz, EAA President
  • Prof. Zsolt Kopa, EAA School Coordinator

Faculty :

  • Prof Csilla Krausz (Florence, Italy)
  • Prof. Zsolt Kopa (Budapest, Hungary)
  • Prof. Davor Jezek (Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Prof. Mario Maggi (Florence, Italy)
  • Prof. Ewa Rajpert-De Meyts (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Prof. Manuela Simoni (Modena, Italy)
  • Prof. Jorma Toppari (Turku, Finland)
  • Prof. Yacov Reisman (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
  • Prof Frank Tüttelmann (Münster, Germany)
  • Prof. Szücks Nikolett (Budapest, Hungary)
  • Prof. Emil Toldy-Schedel (Budapest, Hungary)
  • Prof Castañé, Eduard Ruiz (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Prof Giovanni Corona (Bolonia, Italy)
  • Prof. Andrea Isidori (Rome, Italy)
  • Prof. Dirk, Vanderschueren (Leuven, Belgium)
  • Prof. Michael Zitzmann (Münster, Germany)

Who should apply :  Andrologists, endocrinologists and urologists

Lanuguage : English

Early bird registration DEADLINE January 2020


  • Delegate registration, invoicing: Ms Krisztina Csongrádi +36 70 469-7673;
  • Payments: Ms Dóra Gyengő +36 30 974-3089;
  • Organization, program: Ms Hajnalka Simon +36 70 383 0040.

Registration fee:
You can find detailed information about payment at