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TypeNameInstituteTown or CityCountry
Affilliated Dr. Shujian Chen   The University Hospital of Bonn 
Affilliated Dr. Andrea Agostini Ospedale S. AntonioPadovaItaly
Affilliated Dr. Amr Abdelhamed Ali Yousef  83111Egypt
Affilliated Dr. Alexandra Amaral Department of Developmental GeneticsBERLINGERMANY
Affilliated Prof. Medhat Amer Adam International HospitalGizaEGYPT
Academician Prof. Sebastiano Ando Faculty of PharmacyArcavacata-RendeITALY
Affilliated Prof. Oleg Apolikhin Scientific Research Institute of Urology and Interventional Radiology Moscow
Affilliated Prof. Saveria Aquila  RendeItaly
Academician Prof. Stefan Arver Center for Andrology & Sexual MedicineSTOCKHOLMSWEDEN
Academician Prof. Jacques Auger Dept. of Histology - Embryology & Reproductive BiologyPARISFRANCE
Affilliated Dr. Kristo Ausmees MediTA ClinicTARTUESTONIA
Affilliated Dr. Mohamed Kamal Youness Ayad Riyad - Saudi Arabia, Elaj medical center OlyaRIYADHSAUDI ARABIA
Academician Prof. Elisabetta Baldi Unit of Medical PathologyFLORENCEITALY
Academician Dr. Giancarlo Balercia Endocrinology Clinic, Andrology UnitANCONAITALY
Affilliated Dr. Monika Bals Pratsch Planethome AGREGENSBURGGERMANY
Affilliated Dr. Arcangelo Barbonetti  AVEZZANO (AQ)ITALY
Academician Dr. Lluis Bassas Department of AndrologyBARCELONASPAIN
Academician Prof. Hermann M. Behre Centre for Reproductive Medicine & AndrologyHALLEGERMANY
Affilliated Dr. Mátyás Benyó Department of UrologyDEBRECENHUNGARY
Academician Dr. Barbara Bilinska Instytut ZoologiiKRAKOWPOLAND
Affilliated Dr. Mohd Ismail Bin Mohd Tambi   115-119 Jalan Ipoh 
Affilliated Dr. Saleh Binsaleh King Saud University Riyadh 11419Saudi Arabia
Affilliated Dr. Lars Bjorndahl   Stockholm Sweden
Affilliated Dr. Willem P.A. Boellaard Erasmus Medical CenterCA ROTTERDAMTHE NETHERLANDS
Affilliated Dr. Rushan Bogdanov Andrologichesky CenterVORONEZHRUSSIAN FEDERATION
Affilliated Prof. Marco Bonomi Istituto Auxologico Italiano IRCCSMILANITALY
Affilliated Dr. Giovanni Burgio   CataniaItaly
Academician Dr. Aldo Calogero AOU Policlinico - Vittorio EmanueleCATANIAITALY
Academician Dr. Domenico Canale Dept. of Endocrinology and MetabolismPISAITALY
Academician Prof. Cesare Carani Medicine, Endocrinologia e MetabolismoBAGGIOVARA MODENAITALY
Affilliated Dr. Malcolm Carruthers  LONDONENGLAND
Affilliated Dr. Frederic Chalmel Inserm U1085-Irset, Universite de Rennes 1RENNESFRANCE
Academician Prof. Frank Claessens Mol. Cell Biology, Mol. Endoc. LabLEUVENBELGIUM
Academician Prof. Giovanni Colpi Andrological Urology and IVF UnitMILANOITALY
Academician Dr. Giovanni Corona U.O. Endoc. Azienda USL BolognaBOLOGNAITALY
Affilliated Dr. Melissa Cutini   Ancona 
Affilliated Dr. Karen Czeloth Centre for Reproductive Medicine and Andrology University Clinic MuensterMUNSTERGERMANY
Affilliated Dr. Kathleen Willem Martha D’Hauwers   The Netherlands
Affilliated Prof. Giancarlo D'Agata University of Catania  
Affilliated Prof. Jan Erik Damber Dept of UrologyGOTEBORGSWEDEN
Affilliated Dr. Brigitte Decallonne Dept. of endocrinology Leuven 
Affilliated Dr. Giuseppe Defeudis University Campus Bio-Medico of RomeRomeItaly
Academician Dr. Marion Depenbusch Klinik fur FrauenheilkundeLUBECKGERMANY
Affilliated Dr. Cataldo Di Bisceglie Int Med-Endocrinology,Diabet&MetaboTORINOITALY
Unknown Dr. Thorsten Diemer Justus Liebig UniversityGiessenGermany
Affilliated Dr. Christina Dimopoulou Unit of Reproductive EndocrinologyThessalonikiGreece
Academician Dr. Gert Dohle Dept. of UrologyCA ROTTERDAMTHE NETHERLANDS
Academician Prof. Joel Drevet Epididymis & Sperm Maturation Lab.AUBIEREFRANCE
Affilliated Dr. Yong-Gang Duan Center of Assisted Reproduction and Embryology,ShenzhenChina
Affilliated Dr. Pia Ekbom Department of growth and ReproductionCopenhagenDenmark
Affilliated Dr. Waleed Ali Shafi Elhadek  JEDDAHSAUDI ARABIA
Academician Prof. Rune Eliasson  HAESSELBYSWEDEN
Academician Dr. Edit Erdei Dept of Urology State Health CenterBUDAPESTHUNGARY
Academician Dr. Juris Erenpreis Family and Sexual Health ProblemRIGALATVIA
Affilliated Dr. Ibrahim Fahmy Andrology Dept. - Kasr Elaini Faculty of MedicineCairoEgypt
Affilliated Dr. Islam Fathy Andrology Dept. - Kasr Elaini Faculty of MedicineCairoEgypt
Affilliated Dr. Tamas Fel   Ramistrasse 100 - CHSwitzerland
Academician Prof. Alberto Ferlin University of PadovaPADOVAITALY
Affilliated Dr. Fausto Ferrini  MONTEGRANAROITALY
Academician Dr. Luca Foppiani Division of EndocrinologyGENOAITALY
Academician Prof. Gianni Forti Dept. Experimental and Clinical Biomedical Sciences "Mario Serio"FLORENCEITALY
Academician Prof. Sandro Francavilla Dipartimento di Medicina Interna EaAQUILAITALY
Academician Prof. Felice Francavilla Dipartimento di Medicina Interna EAQUILAITALY
Affilliated Dr. Davide Francomano Sapienza University of RomeRomeItaly
Affilliated Dr. Carlos Gasanz Serrano   Spain 
Affilliated Dr. Ali Deif Abdel Ghani Ghidan   SAUDI ARABIA
Academician Dr. Vito Angelo Giagulli Dept. of Internal MedicineCONVERSANO (BARI)ITALY
Academician Prof. Aleksander Giwercman Reproductive medicine CenterMALMOSWEDEN
Academician Prof. Lauro Salvador Gomez Guerra Centro de Especialidades MedicasMONTERREYNL MEXICO
Academician Prof. Dimitrios Goulis 1st Dept. of Obstetrics & GynecologyTHESSALONIKIGREECE
Affilliated Dr. Josanne Spiteri Grech Dept of Diabetes & EndocrinologyGUARDAMANGIAMALTA
Affilliated Dr. Barbara Habermann Dermatology & AndrologyFRANKFURTGERMANY
Academician Prof. Gerhard Haidl Dept of Dermatology & VenerologyBONNGERMANY
Affilliated Dr. Dinko Hauptman Kispaticeva 12ZagrebCroatia
Academician Prof. Jiri Heracek AndrogeosPRAGUE 6CZECH REPUBLIC
Academician Prof. Rainer Hoffmann Urologie und KinderurologieMARBURGGERMANY
Affilliated Dr. Ivan Hoffmann Centre for Reproductive Medicine and AndrologyMuensterGermany
Affilliated Dr. Mats Holmberg  GothenburgSWEDEN
Academician Prof. Ilpo Huhtaniemi Inst of Reproductive & DevelopmentLONDONENGLAND
Academician Prof. Andrea Isidori Experimental MedicineROMEITALY
Affilliated Dr. Kirils Ivanov  RigaLATVIA
Affilliated Prof. Grzegorz Jakiel Gyneacology and Obstetrics, Medical Centre of Postgraduate EducationWARSAWPOLAND
Academician Prof. Emmanuele Jannini Dept of Experimental MedicineL''AQUILAITALY
Affilliated Dr. Piotr Jedrzejczak Dept. Of Gynecology And Obstetrics, Division Of Infertility And Reprod. EndoPOZNANPOLAND
Academician Prof. Davor Jezek School of MedicineZAGREBCROATIA
Academician Prof. Hugh Jones Hague Ctre for Diabetes & EndocrinBARNSLEYENGLAND
Academician Dr. Niels Jorgensen Dept of Growth & ReproductionCOPENHAGENDENMARK
Academician Prof. Zdravko Kamenov Clinic of Endocrinology, University hospital “Alexandrovska”SOFIABULGARIA
Affilliated Dr. Georgios Kanakis   86 Greece
Affilliated Dr. Elod István Király Department of UrologySZEGEDHUNGARY
Affilliated Dr. Boris Kirichenko Men''s Health CenterSAMARARUSSIA
Academician Prof. Sabine Kliesch Ctr Reproductive Med & AndrologyMUNSTERGERMANY
Academician Dr. Ulrich Knuth    
Academician Prof. Frank-Michael Koehn Andrologikum MunichMUNCHENGERMANY
Academician Dr. Zsolt Kopa Dept of UrologyBUDAPESTHUNGARY
Academician Dr. Michail Koryakin National Ctr for Human ReproductionMOSCOWRUSSIAN FEDERATION
Academician Dr. Eftychia Koukkou Dept of EndocrinologyATHENSGREECE
Affilliated Dr. Stepan Krasnyak Scientific Research Institute of Urology and Interventional Radiology MoscowMoscowRussia
Academician Prof. Csilla Krausz Dept. Experimental and Clinical Biomedical Sciences "Mario Serio"FIRENZEITALY
Academician Prof. Krzysztof Kula Katedra Andrologii i EndokrynologiiLODZPOLAND
Academician Prof. Philip Kumanov Clin Ctr of Endocrinology & Geront.SOFIABULGARIA
Academician Dr. Ulrik Kvist    
Academician Dr. Sandro La Vignera Azienda Ospedaliero UniversitariaCATANIAITALY
Affilliated Prof. Maris Laan  Tartu st. 19 Estonia
Affilliated Dr. Antonio Leen Dept. of Endocrinology Leuven 
Academician Prof. Andrea Lenzi Experimental Med-Med Path,Fd SciEndROMEITALY
Affilliated Dr. Katarina Link  LimhamnSWEDEN
Academician Dr. Francesco Lombardo Dept of Medical PhysiopathologyROMEITALY
Academician Dr. Francesco Lotti Univ Studi Firenze, Fisiopat. Clin.FLORENCEITALY
Affilliated Dr. Giovanni Luca Department of Experimental MedicinePerugiaITALY
Affilliated Dr. Stefania Lymperi Agias SofiasThessalonikiGreece
Affilliated Dr. Thaer M Farhan Department of Human Anatomy and Embryology BaghdadIraq
Academician Prof. Mario Maggi Dept. Experimental and Clinical Biomedical Sciences "Mario Serio"FLORENCEITALY
Academician Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud University Hospital GhentGHENTBELGIUM
Academician Dr. Antonio Mancini Dept of Internal MedicineROMEITALY
Academician Dr. Chiara Manieri Endocrinology DivisionTORINOITALY
Affilliated Dr. Marios Marcou Centre for Reproductive Medicine and AndrologyMuensterGermany
Affilliated Dr. Phillip Marcq Dept of EndocrinologyLEUVENBELGIUM
Affilliated Dr. Valentinas Matulevicius Institute and Clinics of EndocrinologyKaunasLithuania
Academician Prof. Leon Mendel McClusky University of Tromsø - Norwegian Arctic University, Department of Health and CareNARVIKNORWAY
Academician Prof. Andreas Meinhardt Justus Liebig UniversitaetGIESSENGERMANY
Affilliated Dr. Andreas Meissner Dept of Urology, Acad Med CentreAZ AMSTERDAMTHE NETHERLANDS
Affilliated Prof. Roelof Menkveld Tygerberg Academic HospitalTYGERBERG 7505SOUTH AFRICA
Academician Dr. Maria Cristina Meriggiola  BOLOGNAITALY
Affilliated Dr. Sava Micic  BELGRADESERBIA
Academician Dr. Roger Mieusset Hôpital Paule de ViguierTOULOUSE Cedex 9FRANCE
Affilliated Dr. Radu Mihalca Endocrinology & Diabetes UnitBUCHARESTROMANIA
Affilliated Dr. Daniel Moreno Mendoza Department of Andrology, Fundacio´ PuigvertBARCELONASPAIN
Affilliated Dr. Marcel Mustea   Bistrita Romania
Affilliated Dr. Paulo Navarro-Costa Institute of Histology and Developmental BiologyLISBONPORTUGAL
Academician Dr. Stamatina Nicopoulou EndocrinologyATHENSGREECE
Academician Prof. Eberhard Nieschlag Ctr Reproductive Med & AndrologyMUNSTERGERMANY
Academician Prof. Rafael Oliva Virgili Human Genetics LaboratoryBARCELONASPAIN
Affilliated Dr. Eusebio Gerardo Ortiz Lara   MEXICO
Affilliated Dr. Elzbieta Oszukowska Department of Andrology and Reproductive EndocrinologyLodzPoland
Academician Prof. Uwe Paasch Dept. of DermatologyLEIPZIGGERMANY
Academician Prof. John Papadimas EndocrinologistTHESSALONIKIGREECE
Academician Prof. Gyorgy Papp Dept of UrologyBUDAPESTHUNGARY
Academician Dr. Ian Pearce Dept UrologyMANCHESTERUK
Affilliated Dr. Fiore Pelliccione  L''AQUILAITALY
Affilliated Dr. Maria Fernanda Peraz-Godoy Fundacion PuigvertBARCELONASPAIN
Academician Dr. Antti Perheentupa Depts. of Physiology and Obstetrics & GynaecologyTurkuFINLAND
Affilliated Dr. Sava Petrov   Plovdiv Bulgaria
Academician Prof. Pasi Poellaenen  KOTKAFINLAND
Affilliated Dr. Kristian Pomm Tartu University HospitalTartuestonia
Academician Prof. Ake Pousette  ÄlvsjöSWEDEN
Academician Dr. Margus Punab Dept Of UrologyTARTUESTONIA
Affilliated Prof. Taneli Raivio Faculty of Medicine, Department of PhysiologyHELSINKIFINLAND
Academician Prof. Osvaldo Rajmil Fundacion PuigvertBARCELONASPAIN
Academician Dr. Ewa Rajpert-De Meyts Dept of Growth & ReproductionCOPENHAGENDENMARK
Academician Prof. Joao Ramalho-Santos University of CoimbraCOIBRAPORTUGAL
Affilliated Dr. Ayman Sayad Rashed  CAIRO GIZAEGYPT
Academician Dr. Giulia Rastrelli Dept. Experimental and Clinical Biomedical Sciences "Mario Serio"FLORENCEITALY
Affilliated Prof. Vincenzo Rochira Unit of Endocrinology, NOCSAEMODENAITALY
Affilliated Prof. Andrzej Rogoza The Clinic of Infertility andGDANSKPOLAND
Affilliated Dr. Francesco Romanelli Dipartimento di Medicina SperimentaleRomeItaly
Academician Dr. Eduard Ruiz-Castane Fundacion PuigvertBARCELONASPAIN
Affilliated Dr. Hooman Sadri-Ardekani Avicenna Research Institute (ARI)TEHRANIRAN
Academician Dr. Yasmin Sajjad St. Mary''s Hospital - Regional IVF and DI UnitUKENGLAND
Affilliated Dr. Gianmaria Salvio   via Conca 71 
Affilliated Dr. Josvany René Sanchez Curbelo Fundacion PuigvertBarcelonaSpain
Affilliated Dr. Andrea Sansone   Viale Regina Elena 
Affilliated Dr. Daniele Santi Department of Biomedical  
Academician Dr. Jaoquim Sarquella-Gelli Fundacion PuigvertBARCELONASPAIN
Affilliated Dr. Thilo Schill Gynnakologische GemeinschaftspraxisLANGENHAGENGERMANY
Academician Prof. Stefan Schlatt Ctr Reproductive Med & AndrologyMUENSTERGERMANY
Academician Prof. Wolfgang Schulze Dept of AndrologyHAMBURGGERMANY
Academician Prof. Hans-Christian Schuppe Dept. of UrologyGIESSENGERMANY
Affilliated Dr. Ana Ma Segura Paños Andrology DepartmentALICANTESPAIN
Affilliated Dr. Paolo Sgro Health Sciences-Endocrinology UnitROMEITALY
Academician Prof. Osama Kamal Zaki Shaeer Kamal Shaeer HospitalGIZAEGYPT
Academician Prof. Kamal Zaki Mahmoud Shaeer Kamal Shaeer HospitalGIZAEGYPT
Academician Prof. Manuela Simoni Dept of Med,Endo,Meta & GeriatricsMODENAITALY
Academician Prof. Niels Skakkebaek Dept of Growth & ReproductionCOPENHAGENDENMARK
Affilliated Dr. Jan Skrzypek Laser-ZentrumMARBURGGERMANY
Academician Prof. Jolanta Slowikowska-Hilczer Department of Andrology and Reproductive EndocrinologyLODZPOLAND
Affilliated Dr. Marta Sochaj  LODZPOLAND
Affilliated Dr. Zita Soos  BudapestHungary
Affilliated Dr. Carl Spiessens Fertility CenterLEUVENBELGIUM
Academician Prof. Omer Steeno Huize ButzelbergHAASRODEBELGIUM
Affilliated Dr. Klaus Steger Klinik und Poliklinik für Urologie, Kinderurologie und AndrologieGiessenGermany
Affilliated Dr. Jan-Bernard Stukenborg Dept of Womens & Childrens HealthSTOCKHOLMSWEDEN
Academician Dr. Ronald Swerdloff David Geffen School Of MedicineTORRANCEUSA
Affilliated Dr. Ferenc Szabó Department of UrologySZENTENDREHUNGARY
Affilliated Dr. Sven Tennisberg Tartu University Hospital TartuESTONIA
Academician Dr. Patrick Thonneau Human Fertility Research GroupTOULOUSE CEDEX 09FRANCE
Affilliated Dr. Stanislav Tjagur Tartu University HospitalTartuESTONIA
Affilliated Dr. Angelo Tocci    ROME
Academician Prof. Jorma Toppari Institute of BioMedicineTURKUFINLAND
Academician Prof. Herman Tournaye Centre for Reproductive MedicineBRUXELLESBELGIUM
Affilliated Dr. Christos Tsametis Unit of Reproductive EndocrinologyThessalonikiGreece
Affilliated Dr. Guy Tsjoen Andrology Centre GhentGhentBelgium
Academician Dr. Frank Tuettelmann Inst. of Human GeneticsMUENSTERGERMANY
Academician Prof. Hans van der Ven Dept of Obstetrics & GynaecologyBONNGERMANY
Affilliated Dr. Herman van Roijen Dept of UrologyLC TILBURGTHE NETHERLANDS
Academician Prof. Dirk Vanderschueren Dept of EndocrinologyLEUVENBELGIUM
Academician Dr. Linda Vignozzi Dept. Experimental and Clinical Biomedical Sciences "Mario Serio"FLORENCEITALY
Affilliated Dr. Juan Fernando Villegas Osorio   Spain 
Affilliated Dr. José Vinay Fundaciò Puigvert Barcelona 
Academician Prof. Peter Vogt Dept Gyn Endocrin & Reproductiv MedHEIDELBERGGERMANY
Affilliated Dr. Elena Vorona Dept of Transplantation MedicineMUNSTERGERMANY
Affilliated Dr. Mohamed Wael Ragab Andrology Dept. - Kasr Elaini Faculty of MedicineCairoEgypt
Affilliated Dr. Florian Wagenlehner Department of Urology, Pediatric Urology and AndrologyGiessenGermany
Academician Prof. Christina Wang David Geffen School Of MedicineTORRANCEUSA
Affilliated Dr. Thomas Weberschock  FrankfurtGermany
Academician Prof. Wolfgang Weidner Dept of Urology, P.U. & AndrologyGIESSENGERMANY
Academician Prof. Ulrich Wetterauer Abteilung fur UrologieFREIBURGGERMANY
Academician Dr. Beate Wilhelm Inst fur Anatomie Und ZellbiologieMARBURGGERMANY
Academician Prof. Frederick Wu Andrology Research UnitMANCHESTERENGLAND
Affilliated Dr. Lu Yongning Room 2401SHANGHAICHINA
Affilliated Dr. Evangelos Zacharakis Guy''s HospitalLONDONENGLAND
Affilliated Dr. Theodosia Zeginiadou  AthensGreece
Academician Prof. Michael Zitzmann Ctr Reproductive Med & AndrologyMUNSTERGERMANY
Affilliated Dr. Branko Zorn Department of Obstetrics and GynaecologyLjubljanaSLOVENIA