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Webinars on Erectile Dysfunction


jannini webinar 2022


If you missed the live webinars, there is an "on demand" option on the Omnicuris platform. 

The link to the recorded videos:


Webinar 1: 23 February 2022 (Wed.) 8:00–9.00 PM (20:00-21:00) CET  
Erectile dysfunction – clinical characteristics, epidemiology and causes


Webinar 2: 24 February 2022 (Thur.) 8:00–9:00 PM (20:00-21:00) CET
How to diagnose and manage erectile dysfunction?


2022 Travel Grants

The application period for ECA2022 travel grants has ended. Thank you for all applications. The applicants will be informed of the decision after the closure of the abstract review, by the end of August 2022.


27 Oct 2021: The official start of ANDRONET!

The COST-supported network of andrologists and other specialists interested in male health (CA20119) has been formally kicked off by the first online meeting of the Management Committee (MC) and COST Officers on 27-28 October 2021. More than 50 representatives of 27 countries attended the meeting.

The delegates elected the leaders of ANDRONET:

Action Chair: Rafael Oliva (Spain) whose institution (Fundacio Clinic per a la Recerca Biomedica (FCRB) in Barcelona is the Action Grant Holder and will provide administration

Action Vice-Chair: Csilla Krausz (Italy)

Grant Awarding Coordinator: Davor Ježek (Croatia)

Grant Awarding Co-Coordinators: Alberto de la Iglesia (Spain), Jolanta Slowikowska-Hilczer (Poland), Zsolt Kopa (Hungary)

Science Communication Coordinator: Ewa Rajpert-De Meyts (Denmark)

Science Communication Vice-Coordinator: Sandra Laurentino (Germany)

Science Communication Co-Coordinators: Aleksander Giwercman (Sweden) and João Ramalho-Santos (Portugal)


Working Group (WG) Leaders:

WG1- Research Coordination: Leader: Frank Tüttelmann (Germany), Vice-Leader: Judit Castillo (Spain), Co-Leaders: Kristian Almstrup (Denmark), Ana Katusic-Bojanac (Croatia), Katerina Komrskova (Czech Rep.), Antoni Riera Escamilla (Spain)

WG2 - Professional Education: Leader: Leen Antonio (Belgium), Vice-Leader: Csilla Krausz (Italy), Co-Leaders: Lars Björndahl (Sweden), Rosita Condorelli (Italy), Josanne Vassallo (Malta)

WG3 - Public Awareness: Leader: Andrea Sansone (Italy), Vice-Leader: Chris Barratt (UK), Co-Leaders: Eduard Ruiz-Castañe (Spain), Viktoria Rosta (Hungary)

ANDRONET is open to any professionals and researchers in the field of andrology. If you or members of your group want to join one of the working groups, please apply through the webpage: in the Working Groups section.

The kick-off meeting was very lively, with a lot of discussion and comments in the plenary session and several breakout rooms dedicated to different aspects of the Action. The enthusiasm of the participants bodes well for the success of ANDRONET!   


logo andronet


cost logo



European Fertility Week 2021

The  EAA is represented at the European Fertility Week 2021

WHO Manual Launch of sixth edition

Invite launch SM6 Final Final 21 07 2021

Bernard Jégou 1951-2021

We are deeply saddened to learn that Bernard Jégou has passed away. He was internationally recognised reproductive biologist, with main interest in the testis function, development and endocrine disrupters. He was the founder and a long -time Director of the excellent, multidisciplinary research group in Rennes, France, with developed several ground-breaking tools to study various aspects of reproductive biology.  Bernard was also a member of the Scientific Committee of the European Testis Workshops and organised two of them in St Malo. He was passionate about science and research education, and served on highest scientific councils in France. Bernard was a very special person – serious about science, excellent speaker and disseminator of research, but also caring, funny and charismatic. Everybody who knew Bernard and the whole generation of scientists he trained will miss him.

Bernard Jegou