REACH petition

EAA has supported the ESE petition ( to the EU Commission for the immediate publication of the delayed REACH revision (scheduled for 2022). Delaying the REACH revision will keep a high level of exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), leading to severe health consequences.  

Invitation to BEED-ED Survey

EAA Center in Leuven, Belgium aims to map current clinical practices on methods to measure testosterone and SHGB in andrology centres in Europe. If you wish to participate, please click here.

New ANDRONET-EAA Training School in Basic Semen Analysis

New ANDRONET-EAA Training School in Basic Semen Analysis will take place in Stockholm, 19-23 September 2022

4th Andrology Symposium Poster application deadline: 15 May

The 4th Andrology Symposium will be held in Zagreb on 1 July 2022, immediately after the EAA Summer School in Testis Histology. See the scientific programme  and participate actively by submitting a poster application.

Deadline: 15 May 2022.

More information:

ECA 2022 Barcelona


The abstract submission is open!
Deadline 13 June 2022

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Webinars on Erectile Dysfunction


jannini webinar 2022


If you missed the live webinars, there is an "on demand" option on the Omnicuris platform. 

The link to the recorded videos:


Webinar 1: 23 February 2022 (Wed.) 8:00–9.00 PM (20:00-21:00) CET  
Erectile dysfunction – clinical characteristics, epidemiology and causes


Webinar 2: 24 February 2022 (Thur.) 8:00–9:00 PM (20:00-21:00) CET
How to diagnose and manage erectile dysfunction?


2022 Travel Grants

The application period for ECA2022 travel grants has ended. Thank you for all applications. The applicants will be informed of the decision after the closure of the abstract review, by the end of August 2022.