EAA School in Basic Semen Analysis 2023


Date: 9-13 October 2023

Venue: ANOVA Centre, Stockholm, Sweden

Course Organiser: Lars Björndahl, M.D. Ph.D., Senior Consultant Physician, Andrology Laboratory Director ANOVA – Karolinska University Hospital 

General Information

The aim of the course is to provide a basis for improved standards of basic semen examination. Two persons from each laboratory - one with medical responsibility (“supervisor”) and one engaged in practical laboratory work (“biomedical scientist”) - are encouraged to participate in the course.

Course languages: English


Registration and introductory lectures are in the early afternoon before the first course day (October 9). The mornings the following days 1-4 are used for practical laboratory work and afternoons with seminars on the theory of semen examination, discussing the methods recommended in the WHO laboratory manual (2021) and the ISO standard (ISO 23162:2021). The first morning there will be a practical session called Pre-test, where all participants examine two samples each. In the two following mornings, all participants will practice the methods (first sperm count, sperm motility, and then sperm morphology and sperm vitality). The results from these practical sessions will be used for discussions about assessment techniques and quality control in the andrology laboratory. On October 13, there will be a practical examination in the morning followed by a written examination in the afternoon.

Maximum number of participants: due to the limited availability of microscopes, the maximum number of participants is 6. 
The Course is full booked for 2023.


Course fee: (€1.00 equals approximately SEK 11.75)

Members of EAA/ANDRONET       € 260

Non-Members                                  € 370

The fee includes lectures and guided, printed handouts of presentations, practical exercises, lab coats, and coffee breaks. The WHO laboratory manual and other books are not included. 

Accommodation: each participant must make their own reservations.